Infant Mommy and Me (Babies 3-6 months)
Starts: 9/29/2017
Day and Time: Fri 12:30pm - 2:00pm
A class for moms and babies 3-6 months old covering an array of topics developmentally appropriate for this age range. Moms are encouraged to register for this class as a continuation of their newborn class or on its own if you weren’t able to attend the newborn class.
Class Series Topics:
• Developmental Stages of Play
• Infant Sleep and Temperament
• Introducing Solid Foods
• Infant Sign Language
• Positive Discipline and Preschool Facts
• CPR Refresher and Infant Feeding Safety
• Child Protection Planning
• Babyproofing and Safety in the Home
• Class series for moms and babies 3-6 months old
• Small class size (max 14 moms in each class)
• 8-week class series
• $375 for 8-week session
July/August 2017 Babies
Starts: 8/31/2017
Day and Time:Thu 10:00am - 11:30am
A new mom experience like nothing else! Our 10-week class series are organized by your baby’s birth month so that all moms in the class are experiencing the same phase in motherhood. 
Class Series Topics
• The Transition into Motherhood
• Sleep Science and Creating Healthy Habits 
•       Soothing Your Fussy Baby
• Attachment and Bonding
• Relationship Changes and How to Navigate Parenthood
• Infant Massage
• Postpartum Health and the Wellbeing of Mom 
• Tummy Time and Baby’s Physical Development
• Working vs. Staying Home
• Hormones and Nutrition for Mom
• Classes organized by baby’s birth month
• Moms begin classes when babies are approximately 3 - 5 weeks old
• Small class size (max 14 moms in each class)
• 10-week class series
• $450 for 10-week session
Second Time Moms (Babies 0-3 months)
Starts: 10/30/2017
Day and Time: Mon 10:00am - 11:30am
The birth of your second child isn’t quite like the birth of your first. You have so much more confidence in the newborn phase yet it doesn’t come without its challenges. 
Our Second Time Moms class covers an array of topics to help support you, your older child and your new baby through the transition. Come learn, laugh and connect with other moms who are sharing the same experience. This class is just for mom and the new baby!
Class Series Topics: 
• Sleep 
• The Transition from One to Two 
• Postpartum Health and Wellbeing of Mom 
• Understanding your Older Child’s Behavior & Tools to Support Them 
• Tummy Time and Normal Development in Your Baby 
• Relationship Changes after Baby #2: Basic Ways to Parent on the Same Team 
• Infant Massage 
• Hormones and Nutrition for Mom
• Class is for mom and new baby only
• 8-week class series
• $375 for 8-week session

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