New Breastfeeding Law For Nursing Moms at Work

Here is the an excerpt from the article today on MSNBC by Eve Tahmincioglu

When Stacey Weiland was a gastroenterology fellow and a new mother she had trouble finding the time or a place to pump breast milk at the Colorado hospitals where she worked, and often ended up in a bathroom stall or just not pumping at all.

Weiland would wear heavy sweaters in order to hide any milk leakage from co-workers and got little sympathy from colleagues who saw her requests to breastfeed as an inconvenience.

“It was like I was asking to go out and smoke,” she recalled.

New nursing law

“The field of gastroenterology is very male-dominated,” she added. “I remember one time I told one of them that I had to go pump, and he thought that I needed to go lift weights.”

Weiland’s story is not unusual. Many working moms find it challenging to continue to breastfeed when they return to work because there is often little employer support and few if any good locations for them to express milk during the workday


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