A Celebration of Life at Mission Montessori Preschool

My two daughters are students at Mission Montessori preschool in Mission Viejo and I absolutely love everything about this school-- the curriculum, the teachers, the kids--everything! And one of the things I also love about Mission Montessori,  is that all special occasions-- those pivotal moments in the kids' lives, are celebrated with meaning, purpose and an opportunity for learning. 

Last week, my daughter turned 3, which meant it was her turn to participate in the Mission Montessori traditional  "Celebration of Life" ceremony. In preparation for a child's Celebration of Life ceremony, parents are asked to gather photos and memorable moments of their child's life thus far--a timeline of their life, from birth to the present, documenting important milestones and events. My daughter was so excited to bring in her baby books to share with all of her friends.

On the day of the child's Celebration of Life ceremony, the class gathers together in a circle, a sun is placed in the center and a candle is lit-- symbolizing our sun which gives us light and warmth each day. The honored child is then given a globe and asked to circle the sun in the center of the room. Just as it takes 365 days for the earth to circle the sun, so does it take a child to complete a year of life . The correlation between the two is discussed, as the child holding the globe, circles the sun. During this time, the teachers share pictures and memorable moments from each year of the honored child's life.

The Celebration of Life ceremony is such a special and unique activity for the kids and their families. We look forward to these celebrations each year. Happy 3rd birthday to my sweet baby girl. We love you so much and we are so honored to celebrate you and your life.

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Comment by sara hooper on October 17, 2013 at 8:38pm

I LOVE this precious Celebration of Life ceremony! Thank you for sharing & happy birthday to your baby girl.


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