5 Key Factors of a Child’s Cognitive Development

All the parents want their kids to have a bright future. They have high aspirations for the kids and they dream of a better life for them as soon as they lay their eyes on their newborn. From the moment that a baby is born, the parents strive to ensure that they get the best care. They need to make sure that the baby of the right developmental track, physically as well mentally.

Cognitive growth is important for a baby as it helps the child in processing information, understanding the language, solving problems and reasoning. Here are some factors that play an important role in the cognitive development of kids.

Nurturing at an early stage:

People often think that coddling a baby too much can have a negative impact on the mental as well as physical development of a child. But it is not at all a hindrance to the development of a baby. There is a lot of research that supports the fact that the early positive caregiving is an important and critical factor in proving a strong foundation for good cognitive ability. Providing consistent suturing to the child in infancy allows the kid to grow with a lot of self-confidence and interact with people as you grow.

The DNA:

The genetics are also a significant factor in the cognitive development. The children inherit the intelligence from their parents so the DNA is an important factor. There are some scientists that have an opinion that it is not possible to control the cognitive development as it depends significantly on hereditary factors.

Nutritional diet:

The nutrition a baby gets while inside the mother’s womb as well as during the infancy can have a huge impact on the cognitive development of a child. It is essential that the mothers consume a lot of proteins during the pregnancy so that children get the chance of best mental development. The proteins are critical for the development of the brain. The breast milk is also full of nutrition and is the best food for young children. The first six months of breastfeeding are critical in the development of the brain.

Social interaction:

It is essential that the kids’ are encouraged to get involved in social engagements from a young age as it helps in widening their horizons and mental growth. Children that constantly interact with other people are able to absorb more attention, develop speaking skills and increase vocabulary. A good family dynamic is an important factor. Make sure that you set up weekly play dates for the kids so that they interact with people. It will improve their ability to learn faster and become better observers.

Physical activity:

You should make sure that your kid s physically active from a young age. The physical development and health are related to mental health. Involving kids in different games can help in becoming better learners. You can introduce the kids to games that allow the kids to recognize letters and numbers. Playing with other kids is good for boosting self-confidence as well. 

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