To all of our mamas who work I have a few questions. 

Do you feel like you have been able to make meaningful connections for you and your little one (either here or thru other groups.. church, friends, neighbors etc) or do you feel that most of your childrens connections are through their daycare? 

Do you feel like you are missing out on the mama camaraderie? 

If there was a regular consistent playdate (every Saturday or Sunday or even every other) would you commit to coming and hosting some of them?

Thankyou for your help!!


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I met some nice moms when I was out on maternity leave but haven't made many connections since I've been back at work. My husband is a SAHD so I don't meet anyone through daycare. I'd love to come to a weekend play date but realistically the most often we could make it is every two weeks. I'd probably be able to host but not right away. My son is 5 months old and I'd love for him to meet more kids!

I'd be interested too.  Once you have kids, it's easier to hang out with other people who have kids too.  They are generally on a similar schedule and they don't care if you have Cheerios stuck to your shirt or can't finish a complete conversation because you are running after a kid.  I have an almost 2 year old and would love to meet other parents.  Every other weekend is probably more feasible for me too.  

When I was home for the first two years the group was a great place to meet and connect. Since I've been. Ack to work, Riley's school has been the connection with some crossover with the group. I do miss the coup and events but I can honestly say our schedules are very hectic and meeting up is difficult at any time. Although I do check the calendar for events on sat/sun. I dont know if we would be able to do a regular playdate but perhaps having more events on the weekends might be nice. Especially family ones and not just moms. I know my husband would want to join us so it would make it easier if it was something for everyone and not just mom and tot.

Hi Natalie - these are REALLY good questions - I have seen a lot of working moms comment that there aren't any weekend meet-ups, but when trying to connect, they may not be available to meet-up.  I think it is challenging b/c a working mom has a desire to meet up with other moms but sometimes the logistics of it make it challenging.  Since we work, all errands normally take place on the weekend....sometimes they need to take priority over spending a morning at the park.  Also, as Samantha mentioned, sometimes the weekend is the only time we can spend time with our husbands, so we need to choose that over meeting with mamas at the park. 

With that being said, it is hard sometimes to see all the fun stuff there is to do out there during the week, but not on weekends.  I would definitely be interested in helping to solve this issue.  I don't know if I could commit to every weekend, but maybe twice a month or at least once a month.  But, I do like the idea of having husbands come along.  

To answer your specific questions: 

1) I have made meaningful connections from OCMommies, but that was back in the early days of the page when it was on Meet-up....and when I was pregnant and on Maternity leave

2) I do feel like I am missing out on the weekday stuff, but that is natural - who really wants to work?? :)

3) I would be willing to meet up one or two weekends a month and I would be willing to host some of them.

I agree to all the points too! I would also be willing to meet up one weekend a month (a good starting point!) and would be willing to host as well. I live in RSM. I know Molly is in Irvine (Hi Molly!), what about everyone else? Central location is nice, but I am flexible. Mornings are usually best, I like meeting on Sunday mornings because things aren't usually crowded yet!! We usually target 10 AM for weekend outings.

I have a 2-year old son and am definitely open for weekend playdates...maybe a couple times a month.  I live in Irvine.  What about everyone else? 

I live in Aliso Viejo. I would also be interested :-)

Hi gals, awesome! Great feedback. So I'm thinking what we can do is begin hosting 2 weekend play dates a month 1) a morningsish potluck play date, all are welcome, moms and dads and 2) some type of event meet up. Ie tanaka farms, mini photo shoot and potluck, Christmas train etc etc. the first event gives everyone the opportunity to meet and chat and connect the second is an oppurtunity to have some fun with our little ones! If this sounds good I will put up a google spreadsheet for those who can volunteer to help organize and host !!

Hey Natalie,

My son has a nanny all day (long story) so on weekends we really try to hang out with other toddlers so that he gets that social interaction. Morning playdates are perfect since afternoons can get busy (and who knows when my son wakes up from his nap!). I'm happy to host, although with the whether getting colder it might be hard since our backyard is perfect but inside the house sucks for having lots of people. Parks always work for us too. Definitely let me know what I can do to help! 
I get serious playdate envy when I see everyone else getting together on work days :(

Hi Girls the spreadsheet is up!! PLease sign up to host an event then post it on OC Mommies... then make sure you tell us about it!

Hi Natalie! I would love to attend a monthly or biweekly get together w others in the same boat. I would also like to host an event and will check out the link you just posted. It's weird because I spent a lot of time during maternity leave thinking about how nice it would be to do playdates etc but never got around to it :/ before going back to work.

Hi Girls.. ok try the link again, I didnt have it set to 'edit"  Sorry!

Hope this works out for some great playdates for us!!



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