Is there anyone in the Orange area who might be interested in going to a mom-baby yoga class?  There was a studio near my house that used to offer classes, but discontinued them due to lack of attendance.  They said they would be willing to restart classes if enough people expressed interest.  Since I'm working during the week, if other people are interested, I could see if they could start a class on Saturday or Sunday?  

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yes..I can join u.

I would be interested in joining.  I am in Irvine but could get to Orange for a class.  Saturday mornings would be best for us.

Thanks for replying!  I'll find out how many people are needed before they would re-start the classes... so, ask around and see if anyone else might be interested too : )  I'll see if they could do it on Saturday morning...

I'd be interested in going as well and Sat mornings are good for me too.

I talked to the people at the yoga studio who said that Saturday mornings don't work and were wondering if any other days were possible?  I work M-F, so the only other days that work for me would be Satuday afternoon/evening or Sundays; otherwise maybe evenings, but that can get a little tricky with me.  What do you all think?  Any other times that work for you??

I could do Sun as well Sat afternoons aren't good for me. Keep me posted.

Unfortunately I currently take a Pure Barre class on Sunday mornings but maybe I could work something out for every other weekend if Sunday is the only time that suits.  Keep me posted.  Thanks!

Thank you all for your replies!  It doesn't seem like there's enough interest... I did see that there are classes at the Center for living peace in Irvine on Fridays (doesn't work with my schedule :( ) and a place called Ka yoga in Costa Mesa, if you're interested.  

Is Ka Yoga on Bristol?  I couldn't find it when I googled it, I only found a Ra Yoga.

Yes, it is Ra Yoga, nice studio, I go there for their lunch class yoga sometimes if you ever want to join me although it is usually spur of the moment whether I can make it or not.

Hey Ladies,

I just noticed a Mommy & Me yoga class on the event calendar for Sun, April 1st in Tustin.

And Emily I'd be up for that, sounds like a nice little break in the day.  Let me know if you plan to go.

Hey Ladies,

I called RA Yoga to inquire about Mommy & Me classes.  They said they're always open for suggestions and would be willing to explore doing a Sat class.  I'm going to tell them that 3 of us would be interested and then they'll poll their existing Mommy & Me classes to see if they can generate enough interest to hopefully create a new class. 

Even if they don't end up doing a Sat Mommy & Me class, they do offer babysitting on Sat if you'd be interested in just doing yoga and bringing your little one along.

I'll keep you posted on what I find out.



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